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General piping construction
Equipment construction
Sewage engineering
Apparatus engineering
Armature industry
Automotive engineering
Container / pressure tank construction
Chemical plants
Energy engineering
Vehicle construction
District heating/remote water supply
Fire-brigade tool-making
Filter technology
Conveyor engineering
Gas supply systems

Building/heating technology
Heating distributor
High pressure technology
Hydraulic systems
Industrial plants
Refrigeration technology
Boiler construction
Sewage purification plant technology
Air condition technology
Building of compressors
Power plant technology
Enamelling line
Ventilation engineering
Mechanical engineering
Measurement and automatic engineering

Engine construction
Oil plants
Pump industry
Building of presses
Cleaning technology
Pipe equipment construction
Sound proofing plants
Bulk material plants
Silo construction
Steel structure
Building of service stations
Environmental technology
Heat exchanger
Laundry equipment
Water purification